Why Join Montessori School & Pre Kindy?

At Wee Wisdom Montessori, we help children in our care develop a deep understanding of the world around them in a nurturing environment of experiential learning, creativity, and self-discovery. Balancing curriculum with natural interests, our Montessori educators take learning and growth seriously while fostering fun to develop their potential.


We know your children will love it here.
“Help me to do it myself.” —Maria Montessori

  • Independence
  • Confidence
  • Self-Discipline
  • Manners
  • Social Skills
Montessori Preschool Montessori & Te Whāriki

WEE integrate Montessori methodologies with Te Whāriki educational curriculum.

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School Transition

The Montessori Method gives children confidence and skills to cope with school transitions.

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Our Testimonials

Parent Feedback

Awesome preschool with emphasis on learning and development. Teachers are very qualified and calm. The environment and vibe is perfect for growth, fun and development of children. I am very satisfied seeing the developments in my son and definitely highly recommend WeeWisdom.
Thank you to WeeWisdom Team for everything that they do.

Swapna Soni

Thank you so much to you all from the bottom of our hearts for all the hard work you have put into Arjanveer and Ranveer.
You truly are our home away from home Whaeas!
Each and everyone of you has shown so much kindness and care towards the boys and helped them pick up so many skills and all whilst nurturing their individual personalities.
As Arjan has moved onto school, I have seen how confident he has been from the start with his new teachers and classmates and he would not have developed this confidence without your help and input. He also shows  particularness in organising and taking care of his things, which again I think is a very useful trait he has learnt from his time at Wee Wisdom and is something which will serve him well always.
With Ranveer, I just see how much you all continue to encourage and support him with whatever it is that he wants to do and with so much patience and affection.
We are so grateful that we found Wee Wisdom and thank you to each and everyone one of you that we have come across and your contribution to our boys lives.
You will always hold a special place in our hearts and that of the boys.

Amrita Saini

As a teacher at Wee Wisdom for 4 and a half years I could say that we provide an authentic Montessori experience for all the children under our care. We encourage learning in a variety of ways which helps makes the child independent from a very young age. The teaching team is qualified and experienced and are great team players which works well for everyone. As a parent of two I enjoy having my children at We Wisdom Montessori. My eldest is 5 and will be going to Primary school early next year. She has been in the centre since she was 10 months and has acquired so much of life skills. She is energetic, loving, team player, out – going and most importantly strives to do everything by herself independently. She loves being engaged in practical life activities at school like washing a napkin/ sewing/ taking care of plants which makes it easier for her to help around at home without any issue as she believes it is already a part of her life. She is also quite good with her academic work which will be useful for her when she enters primary school. I am thankful to Wee Wisdom for providing the best life education for her so far. My youngest is just 9 months and started his journey at Wee Wisdom when he was just 5 months. The team was lovely and took care of him as he was their own. I invite parents/ whanau to come have a look at the school and to chat with team. After all don’t we all want the best for our children!

Melissa Abayaratna

Highly recommended this center , My daughter absolutely loves her time here. Thank you so much for all the teaching and caring that every teacher has offered to my daughter

Sudarshini Kularathne

Wonderful school with dedicated, caring and amazing staff.

Donna Connoll

best school ever.

Lahiru Manawadu

I have been fortunate enough to be apart of this loving and hardworking learning community for the past two years that now feels like one big family. My team consists of respectful, qualified and experienced teachers of diverse backgrounds who value working in collaboration with each other and with whanau to ensure the best quality outcomes for each child. The parents are open, loving, and have great relationships with each other and the nga whaea. The children are confident in themselves, respectful of the environment and those around them, and determined to do anything by themselves. The classrooms are filled with interesting Montessori materials that are under continuous review and tailoring in support of the children’s ever changing interests. We work in partnership with the children and whanau to establish a calm environment and respectful work ethic within the class by encouraging and role modelling walking feet and inside voices, as well as awareness of others and their work.

Kitana Skipper