Daycare Near Me

Daycare Near Me

For parents trying to find a “daycare near me” in Auckland? Our centre at Wee Wisdom Montessori Preschool houses the facilities to care for children from ages 0 – 6. By offering a nurturing daycare environment for children under two years old, we help busy parents get through their day while employing a passionate team to ensure all children learn and have fun in our space.

We have a team of qualified teachers who pair your child with early childhood education suitable for their skill level, whether at kindergarten age or younger. In addition, we partner with parents in long-term, meaningful relationships so that children can receive early childcare education during all of their early childhood years.

Getting to know each child’s interests and needs, we customise our programme to get them interested in our lessons and teach values of education and independence for them to maintain after their transition to primary school. Our early learning centre fills your child’s day with learning experiences that produce more than just child care, giving them skills through our curriculum, which is influenced by New Zealand’s early childhood education expectations.

Daycare Under 2

Exceeding the facilities of other early learning centres, we commit to partnering parents with an accessible “daycare under 2 near me” that caters to an extended age range. As a result, 0 – 6-year-olds flourish at our childcare centre, with our open indoor space providing a mixed-age setting for early learning and social interaction.

Our childcare centre is run by qualified teachers who are experienced in caring for all ages we accommodate, allowing parents to leave children at daycare without stressing about their wellbeing. Additionally, we maintain fluent communication with parents after drop-off, giving updates on your child’s long-term and daily development.

Safe, Loving Environment

We have formed a custom-built safe and warm environment for your child’s early learning support, getting them ready for primary school. Our centre is more open than other childcare centres and supports mixed-age grouping to help your child gain confidence in building strong relationships with different age groups.

Having a flow between our indoor and outdoor areas, we locate an excellent balance of activities between our settings. In addition, we are committed to quality care, ensuring we maintain our shaded outdoor space so that children can play safely and keeping the indoor areas clean so that learning can be enacted in safe rooms.

Natural Outdoor Play

Our early childhood centre has ample space for outdoor activities, and our team gives children the time they require for meaningful outdoor play. We understand the importance of an early learning centre to teach children to value their interactions with nature and outdoor physical activity.

Our environment is made child-friendly, ensuring children learn while in safety and within the supervision of our staff. Within our Montessori methods, learning experiences are empowered by kids’ freedom to choose and take time with their favourite activities, where self-directed learning makes up a significant amount of time in our day.

Stimulating Programme

Our early learning centre supports 20 hours ECE, acting as a licenced programme that helps eligible children receive early childhood education for up to six hours a day, 20 hours per week. By selecting our stimulating programme for your child’s kindergarten, you ensure their transition to school is made more comfortable.

We help children learn at their own pace with fun activities that teach essential core values. We deliver learning outcomes that praise nutritious meals, cultural heritage, and independence. Our staff work closely with parents and your child to offer personalised care for the well-being of early childhood learners.

Stress-Free Daycare Setting

We help parents feel comfortable leaving their children at our early learning centre by presenting clear examples of our high-quality care when they examine our premises. In addition, we have established a home away from home for little ones, praising children’s individual interests and identifying the best learning outcomes for your child.

Personalised Education Service

We personalise the education in our early learning centre to every child’s needs. Additionally, in adopting elements of the enviroschools programme, we go beyond other childcare centres to teach values of sustainability and awareness.

Visit Our Centre

If you are deciding whether our setting is the best place to enrol your child for daycare, and wondering how we exceed the characteristics of regular childcare centres with our Montessori programme, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our staff. We suggest that every parent visit our centre before deciding to connect with our friendly teaching team.

So, contact us today, and we can arrange a centre visit or give you comprehensive information regarding our teaching facilities. Call us at (09) 294 7978, or you can email to start making progress.