Kindergarten Near Me

Kindergarten Near Me

Do you live in Auckland and are seeking a “kindergarten near me”? We have established a custom-built environment and programme at Wee Wisdom Montessori Preschool, Drury, South Auckland, which presents local kids with the best start possible in their education journey.

We are committed to consistently developing our early learning centre to respond to the interests of children in our care, sourcing resources to stimulate their problem solving, creativity, and excitement. Our teaching team is experienced and friendly, with our qualified teachers delivering a programme empowered by New Zealand’s early learning curriculum framework.

We go above and beyond to support fun individual and collaborative learning situations, using our open centre to support children aged from 0 – 6. Our kindergarten services are catered towards the beginning of a formal education programme with regular classes teaching skills in a playful manner to get your child ready for school age.

Montessori & Kindergarten

Montessori & Kindergarten are joined at Wee Wisdom, encompassing ages from 0 – 6. It presents the wider community in Auckland with a family atmosphere, where we believe that our team’s core focus should continuously be developing meaningful relationships with parents to best support early learning and get to know their child’s passions and needs.

The promise of our kindergarten is for reliable care and safety at all times, with our teaching team delivering early childhood education in a welcoming environment. We help children gain confidence and build strong relationships with their peers. Children learn core skills while in our care, giving them the means to flourish in their following childhood stages.

How we Teach

Our early childhood education teaching philosophy uses the Montessori method to prepare children for primary school. Teachers at Wee Wisdom Montessori Preschool, Drury, create stimulating situations for children, with our kindergarten being arranged with individual and team-based learning routines and outdoor and indoor play.

We believe that early childhood education is delivered effectively by immersing children in situations where they can learn society values of self-discipline, manners, confidence, social skills, and independence. Additionally, as a catalyst for education, we aim to instil children with an excitement for learning academically. Therefore, we teach the basics of language, mathematics, and culture, expressed through our programme, while incorporating sensory and practical life skills in our fun activities.

Suitable Ages

We have facilities that can account for ages 0 – 6 with a fun play space that gets every child involved. In addition, we are committed to offering an excellent teacher-to-child ratio, with our qualified teachers always being on-hand to care for the children.

Our comprehensive program gives children all the experience they require at a young age and during the transition between kindergarten and school. The event can often be overwhelming if children are not prepared for the school transition. However, we get them all set for their first year, initially gaining a solid platform from the core skills we teach.

ECE Sessions

If you are searching for a preschool near me, our Drury setting may be the perfect location for your child. We cater to all of the surrounding community and suggest that you come into our preschool to see if we are the right fit.

By infusing our early childhood sessions with New Zealand’s early childhood education guidelines, we form a similar programme to Montessori centres across Auckland, from Mt Albert to Glen Eden, and throughout New Zealand. Additionally, our facilities are extensive and catered for a large range of ages, where your child will have so much fun in our indoor and outdoor space.

Supporting Individual Children

We provide the best kindergarten situation for all families, with our staff offering attentive communication and forming a friendly atmosphere in our area. Delivering an ever-changing programme to account for each child’s interests, we ensure that your child receives our activities with excitement and keep you involved regarding any upcoming events and your child’s development.

Kindergarten Early Learning

For early childhood kindergarten learning, the Montessori approach, established by Maria Montessori at the beginning of the 20th century, incorporates play and independence to help children grow. Our environment allows for greater freedom than typical preschool programmes, teaching responsibility and self-discipline for their own actions.

We dedicate time to observation, examining your child’s natural interests and using our data when planning activities that are catered towards each of the individual children in our care.

Building a Community

We are proud of establishing a local community and applying principles of the enviroschools programme. We encourage parents to visit us in Drury and meet our team, where we can give you a tour of our premises and explain our Montessori system thoroughly.

Please feel free to give us a call at (09) 294 7978 or email, and let’s get started.