Montessori and Te Whāriki

Partnering and gracefully woven with Te Whariki, the core Early Childhood Education curriculum, Montessori education offers unparalleled heights of intentional teaching whilst empowering child-led exploration of interests.

The union of Montessori and Te Whāriki allows us to create orderly learning environments containing the necessary learning resources that empower children to unearth their potential, discover, pursue, and navigate their interests and learning.
Not only do WEE scaffold and co-construct academic learning through specially designed materials, but guide sensory skills and practical life skills such as independence, confidence, and self-discipline to prepare our children for ‘life’

At our preschool, children enjoy the freedom and enrichment of Montessori combined with the regulated structure of Te Whāriki. WEE believe that by utilising both approaches, our school enhances the strengths of each.