Preschool Near Me

Preschool Near Me

Have you been scouring the internet for a ‘preschool near me’ to select the best early learning centre for your child? Located in Drury, South Auckland, Wee Wisdom Montessori Preschool has been working to empower children with Montessori childcare, which effectively prepares them for primary school.

Children in our care learn in an inclusive environment that nurtures each child and provides an assortment of activities for their self-directed learning. Our facilities are available for children aged 0 – 6, delivering early childhood education with a caring staff. Our teachers are dedicated to providing children with an effective platform that benefits their following learning stages.

Proudly privately owned and owner-operated, we have three preschools that service all of Auckland, from across the North Shore to Grey Lynn, Mt Eden, Flat Bush and Half Moon Bay. When trying to find a reliable local preschool, look no further than our Montessori programme. We operate with an assortment of activities that are provided for children’s self-directed learning, using their interests to regularly alter our programme so that they learn the most and have fun in our space.

Montessori Preschool

By enrolling your child at our Montessori preschool, you can choose a childcare centre built around teaching life skills and a love for learning to equip children effectively for their primary school learning.

Our processes deliver opportunities for children to establish practical life skills while gaining a core understanding of sensorial activities, literacy, mathematics, science, culture, music and physical activity.

We are organised around motivating every child to gain a love for learning rather than teaching testing techniques and ‘correct’ answers. We work with parents to make a positive impression on their children, so they are confident at primary school. We define our teaching values as creative thinking, self-discipline, manners, social skills, and independence.

Equipping Your Child for Primary School

To equip your child well for primary school, our teachers work in unison with the New Zealand early childhood education curriculum, Te Whāriki. We deliver our services by nurturing each child with the Montessori method, enabling each child to become a confident and competent learner and succeed in their transition to the next learning stage.

We foster diversity, acknowledge the New Zealand bicultural heritage, and are proud of our kindergarten being inspired by the Montessori teaching method. Our staff are happy to answer any questions regarding our services and will not allocate your message to a waiting list; we work tirelessly to benefit children in the area.

Montessori Method Benefits

The benefits of the Montessori method are portrayed by the nurturing time we spend with every child in our care. Laying out the activities in an organised manner, we dedicate time in our kid’s daily routines to play with our resources with independent, self-directed learning. As a result, children are left unchanged during their learning, with enough time to enact their activities under hands-off supervision from our team, to progress at their own pace.

Facilities for 0 - 6 Years

We have facilities to care for 0 – 6-year-olds, where our teachers are qualified to offer effective supervision and teaching for every child enrolled. In addition, we are a registered 20 hours ECE early childhood development centre, where kids play with values of respect and inclusivity during our sessions.

At Wee Wisdom Montessori Preschool, Drury, we nurture children’s interests, guiding the foundations of our programme to accommodate their needs and learning or reading speed. Additionally, we form a community for families and friends at Wee Wisdom kindergartens, delivering teaching in our multi-age centres where children learn how to cooperate with one another to learn social skills.

Environment Fostering Creativity

Our facility is formed with our vision to get children to interact with the New Zealand environment, where our team focuses on giving children an effective balance between inside and outdoor time. We foster creativity, build a sense of community in our space, and guide our activities around nature, earth and play, where kids can explore and learn most effectively.

Childcare Centre

At our childcare centre, we present teachings of bicultural development in early childhood education to give kids an understanding of national heritage and Māori world views. We celebrate all cultures at our custom-built centre, with an effort enacted to retain Māori teachings and beliefs for the next generation.

Visit us and Meet the Team.

If our services and values seem to mesh well with your own, you are welcome to give us a call on our New Zealand phone at (09) 294 7978 or email

Additionally, we encourage parents to visit as a valuable course of action, where they can achieve a sense of the atmosphere we create in our space. We are eager to assist with more information not expressed on our website, so do not hesitate to get in touch.