Our Story

Wee Wisdom Montessori is owned by Anna and Colin Chan. Since 2002, they have opened seven Montessori preschools across the Auckland/Waikato regions. In 2009 Wee Wisdom Montessori Drury was awarded the title of “KiwiPrint Best Small Business” in Papakura and Franklin through the Stevenson Business Excellence Programme.

To achieve this award, Wee Wisdom Montessori was assessed based on its leadership, strategic planning, administration, communication with parents and staff, and how systems and processes work to ensure quality.

The Stevenson Business Excellence Programme no longer runs since the amalgamation of all Auckland suburbs into the super city. WEE were honoured to take part in the last awards for Papakura and Franklin as it enabled us to reflect on our business.

Through this reflection, areas of our business were highlighted so that WEE could see what works effectively and produces the quality WEE consistently try to achieve, as well as areas requiring more focus. Wee Wisdom Montessori continuously seeks improvement through ongoing self-review.