Primary School

Getting Ready for Primary School

Finding the perfect location for kids getting ready for primary school is crucial for their early learning. At Wee Wisdom Montessori Preschool, we have a nurturing environment looked after by caring, qualified teachers, where children make friends, gain confidence, form friendships, and love to learn.

At Wee Wisdom Montessori, we are proud to deliver an early learning service that equips children well for primary education. Our authentic Montessori education creates an environment that fosters a love of learning, delivering teaching modules that enhance children’s freedom of choice, and valuing creative responses and individuality. In addition, we teach respect between peers and for oneself and one’s environment, educating children with a strong sense of community and belonging in New Zealand.

Each of our teachers maintains the school’s vision, using Montessori education characteristics for four months old to six years of age, building a community with parents aligned with our values. Our philosophy of education inspires us to nurture childhood development in partnership with parents and the wider community.

Drury School

We have immense pride in our Drury school, with Montessori preschool routines being enacted at 159 Great South Road, South Auckland. Come by and see our caring, fun environment if you live nearby or consider us a good fit for your family.

Teaching children how to learn, rather than learning how to be tested, we instil a love for learning which fosters problem-solving rather than suggesting a ‘correct’ answer. After spending time in our care, children have gained imagination, independence, and interpersonal skills, where they will be comfortable in the primary school’s learning environment.

Preparing Your Child For Primary School

When searching for a ‘preschool near me’, look no further than our Montessori teaching style. The Montessori Method prepares each child to be confident when transitioning toward primary schools.

While we believe that a key benefit of our teaching style allows children to be inspired to learn during their next school stage, we trust our process teaches societal and life values to start children’s journey to becoming valuable citizens.

Valuable Foundation

We offer a valuable foundation for 0 – 6-year-olds, maintaining facilities and an excellent staff to care for your child in a mixed-age setting. Heading to school is a big step for little ones, becoming students at the local Drury school or schools throughout Auckland. As a result, we help children in our care become well-mannered learners, with each child becoming a student who acts with confidence for greater participation during class times and, therefore, greater learning.

Winning the award of 2009’s ‘KiwiPrint Best Small Business,’ we reflected on our business’s valuable attributes and recognised areas that required focus. Since winning the title, we have consistently maintained our childcare environment and updated our techniques for greater creativity and learning, employing long-term, trustworthy teaching staff to deliver our Montessori curriculum.

Diverse Students

We are registered to offer 20 hours ECE for over threes, helping all families support their children to become self-assured school students.


We cater to a diverse range of students and have a diverse staff of qualified early childhood teachers protecting your kid. Our teachers have integrated the celebration, knowledge and appreciation of cultural heritage into our methods, helping children learn New Zealand’s bicultural heritage and fostering understanding of other nationalities and cultures.

Montessori Preschool Curriculum

The Montessori preschool curriculum helps develop each school student to be independent, creative thinkers, acting with excellent manners and good social skills. We give kids the freedom to select which activity they enjoy, setting out a range of choices and adapting our selection to their interests.

In our care, children are given enough time to interact with each activity, and we trust that they will learn to act independently and make decisions with responsibility for their actions.

Welcoming Environment

We have implemented a clean, child-friendly environment, with fluidity between indoor and outdoor spaces. Furthermore, our area is delivered with early childhood outdoors in mind, where establishing natural spaces for play is crucial for your child’s development.

Ordering our play spaces well and keeping each item clean ensures our play space is aesthetically pleasing, where your child can explore each area safely.

Enrolling Your Child

The relationships we establish with parents let you become a part of your child’s learning, where we keep you involved and informed about special events and your child’s progress. We are happy to help if you have questions regarding enrollment or our teaching style, so get in touch with our team and start your child’s journey to school.

You can use our New Zealand phone by calling (09) 294 7978 or feel free to email our friendly staff at We encourage parents to come and see us in person, experiencing our teaching style and custom-built centre.